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XR Racing Brake Fluid
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290-16353 — Product Summary
Dry Boiling Point 645 °F
Wet Boiling Point 432 °F
Quantity 1 each
Size 16.9 oz bottle
UPC 889545099522
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XR Racing Brake Fluid
Wilwood's new XR Race-Only* brake fluid is the same extreme high-temperature fluid used in Formula 1, World Rally Championship, FIA World Endurance, and Moto GP. Laboratory testing indicates XR Race-Only fluid has a dry boiling point of 645° F thanks to a proprietary blend of high-performance polymer electrolytes and borate esters. This polyglycol-ether-based brake fluid combines the lowest compressibility, lowest moisture affinity, and highest resistance to aeration of any brake fluid available. XR Race-Only Brake Fluid is formulated to deliver the absolute best, most consistent pedal feel, start to finish, even in the most adverse racing conditions. The premium metal 16.9 ounce can with airtight safety seal ensures fresh, clean fluid upon opening. (* For off-highway use only. Not DOT approved.)

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Additional Information

Dry Boiling Point

Wilwood's new extreme XR Race-Only brake fluid formula has been in development for some time and was tested by top-level race teams through 2020. We have developed the most advanced fluid available, with one of the highest dry boiling points ever. This formula has been used by teams in the highest classes of motorsports across the globe. Drivers who have tested with it have not wanted to go back to the fluid they previously used.

XR Race-Only brake fluid was formulated to give drivers and teams an upgrade option in race-only vehicles that run under the most demanding, extreme high-temperature conditions.

Wilwood's XR Race-Only brake fluid has one of the highest dry boiling points of any readily available fluid. For racers, the wet boiling point is irrelevant; only a high dry boiling specification matters. If the brakes are bled and filled with fresh fluid before events as part of your pre-race ritual, you will never absorb enough moisture to lower the dry boiling point.

All brake fluid can absorb water, and, even at low humidity, there is moisture in the ambient air. Only if you were to let your car sit for months in the off-season would it absorb enough water to reduce the boiling point to anything near the wet number. Wet boiling is measured at saturation, which is nearly 4% water, but a properly maintained race car eliminates that concern.

While in storage, you can take a couple of steps to prevent moisture from creeping into the master cylinder. If your car has a reservoir with rubber bellows in the cap, the rubber will do an excellent job keeping water out of the system. For master cylinders without bellows, or for an extra measure of protection, wrap a plastic bag around it and seal with a rubber band.

Every can of XR brake fluid is sealed airtight from the factory to keep out moisture and ensure optimum performance. Once opened, the container should be kept in a zip lock bag for future use. For instructions on upgrading your brake system, download the White Paper.

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