Friday, April 20, 2018
Complete Brake Conversion Kits for Early Chevrolet Trucks

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1949 Fleetline Truck

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After World War II, Chevrolet released the Advance-Design truck series which was a major redesign from the previous truck models. The Advance-Design was a bigger, stronger truck with a more comfortable ride. The Advance-Design Fleetline models were sold from 1947 to 1955, prior to the Chevrolet Task Force series being introduced.

The continued power and weight additions required much more than the stock drum brakes from that time period. Wilwood has developed a variety of disc brake options to match the necessary braking performance. Wilwood has engineered forged Dynalite front brake kits that will fit the 1949 Advance-Design Fleetline Deluxe, Fleetline Special and base-model trucks.

Select the Fleetline truck icon above to find a complete big brake conversion kit for your 1949 Fleetline truck.

If you are looking for rear brake kits to upgrade an earlier year Chevrolet truck, use the Axle Flange brake kit lookup page to find Wilwood big brake rear kits to replace the old drum rear brakes on your early model Chevy truck.