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Motorcyle Rotors – Part No: 160-14087
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Motorcycle Rotor Product Number: 160-14087     Price: $125.40
Available Rotor #160-14087 Configurations




Black Electro Coat

Rotor No: 160-14087
Wilwood Motorcycle Rotor

Wilwood Motorcycle Rotor
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Wilwood's Satin finished stainless rotors combine the ultimate in performance and distinctive style for production bikes and full customs using OE dimension brake components. A proprietary finishing & ...   Continue >>

Performance Characteristics
  • 2008-up Harley-Davidson® Raer
  • Harley-Davidson 2008-up Rear
Motorcycle Rotor - Product Summary
Rotor Dimensions
Width (in): Diameter (in): Mount Side:
0.28 11.8
Rotor Design
Material:: Vane Count: Weight(Lbs):
Stainless Solid 6.1
Rotor Style & Finish
Type: Solid
Style: Drilled
Surface Finish: Satin
Rotor Upgrades
Bedded: Balanced:
No No
Rotor Dimensions Diagram    
Motorcycle Rotor Dimension Diagram

Motorcycle Rotor Dimension Diagram
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Rotor Applications

Additional Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Bolt Circle (in): 5 x 3.25
Rotor Mount Hole Size (in): 0.413
Lug ID / Registration (in): 2.22
Far Side Inside Diameter (in):
Offset Dimension (in):
Shoe Inside Dimension (in):
Clearance Inside Diameter (in)
Wheel Bolt Circle (in):
Stud Diameter (in):
Face Thickness (in)