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C/SiC Rotor & Bobbin Mount Hat Assembly
Rotor Diameter: 15
Rotor Width: 1.25
Rotor Bolt Circle(s): 12 x 8.75
Material: C/SiC

C/SiC Rotor & Bobbin Mount Hat Assembly Description

Wilwood’s C/SiC Rotor and Lug Drive Hat Assemblies are preassembled packages of our latest and greatest technology and design. The lug-drive rotor mounting system eliminates the rotor bolts and instead, a large single internal snap-ring retains the rotor in the hat. This system allows the rotors to move independently of the hats as they expand and contract through heat cycles. All thermally generated stress is removed from the rotor attachment points. The rotors stay flatter and run truer. Paired with C/SiC rotors that are made form a proprietary blend ceramic matrix composite material commonly known as Carbon-Ceramic. C/SiC rotors offer higher thermal conductivity and heat capacity in excess of conventional iron or titanium rotors of similar or even greater weight and are developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking, and wear.
Rotor & Hat Assembly
Ordering Information for C/SiC Rotor & Bobbin Mount Hat Assembly
Item No 165-15357
Info Details
Rotor Style Plain Face
Bedded N
Lug I.D. 7.92
Far Side I.D. 9.49
Price $3,171.00
Call (805) 388-1188

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