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Wilwood Engineering specializes in high-quality disc brakes for Harley-Davidson, the premier American motorcycle brand with a long and illustrious history.

Starting with a small 7.07ci engine, founders William Harley and Arthur Davidson began development of the motorized bicycle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1901. They immediately recognized the need for more power and built a larger, 24.76ci engine, installing it on a bike with a stronger frame. In 1904 the bike was entered in a motorcycle race in Milwaukee, placing fourth overall.

Harley-Davidson began producing motorcycles, making small engineering changes with each version that led to faster, more comfortable bikes. In 1911 the engine was changed to a V-Twin; the basic engine design still in use today that gives the Harley its unique sound.

In 1993 Wilwood Engineering began development of a brake system for the inaugural debut of Harley-Davidson’s race program. Wilwood created the GP 900 caliper for Harley’s VR1000 AMA Superbike, as well as a long list of motorcycle products including, brake systems with polished stainless steel rotors, sprocket brake assemblies and a wide variety of high performance, billet aluminum calipers.

Wilwood’s GP310 Front Caliper, part number 120-7737, is direct leg-mounted and available for all single and dual disc models. Right or left-handed models can be ordered chrome plated, or in a polished or black finish. Additional colors are available upon request. The GP300 Rear Caliper, part number 120-4244, is also available in right or left-handed models. These calipers feature bleed screws and hardware, plus an exclusive anti-rattle pad clip for quiet operation. The brakes also feature low dust, low noise brake pads that are designed to operate in the widest range of temperatures and environments utilizing Wilwood’s industry leading, stainless steel rotor compatible formulation.

GP 310 front and GP 300 rear calipers are offered in versions that fit all ‘84-‘99 models, as well as 2000 and newer models. Wilwood also offers rear caliper bracket assemblies for both the Dyna and Softail models and manufacturers a wide variety of stylish and lightweight rotor assemblies. The GP Series Stainless Steel Rotors are available for the front and rear for both the ‘84-‘99 and 2000 and newer Harley Davidson models. The rotors are available in a black or satin finish or a mirror polished finish and can be used as a single brake on the right or left, or in dual application for improved brake response.

Wilwood also offers a unique Rear Sprocket Brake Kit, part number 10178 that uses the sprocket

as the rotor. The system is available in either 48 or 51 tooth sprockets and the bolt circle is consistent on all models: 5 x 3.25-inches. The sprocket is available in a right or left-handed application and is used with the GP 310 style caliper available in a polished, black and chrome-plated finish.

Wilwood also offers a front Stealth Braking System, part number 140-10107-P, for motorcycles that works with 21-inch diameter wheels. The rotor fits on the outside edge of the rim and the calipers are located on the inside of the 41mm fork.

Wilwood’s brake components will dramatically increase your motorcycle’s braking ability and improve your Harley’s appearance. If you have any questions about our motorcycle components contact a Wilwood representative at (805) 388-1188 or email Sales/Tech Support. You can also view and print our Catalogs.

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