Saturday, April 21, 2018
Pedal No: 340-4745

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Balance Bar Replacement
Wilwood Pedal Accessories

Wilwood Pedal Accessories
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This balance bar assembly is used in all current Wilwood standard balance bar pedals and remote pedal 60 degree master cylinder mounts. It can be used to replace a damaged or worn balance bar, or to update an older model balance bar that did not included the detent assembly. The balance bar incorporates a positive detent stop every full turn to maintain adjustment position and driver awareness. A pin and clevis pushrod attachment system provides highest possible degree of misalignment angle for bind free operation through the entire range of travel. The balance bar can be locked in place with the included jam nut, or used with an optional remote cable or adjustment knob for quick on-track adjustments  

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Product Number: 340-4745     Price: $57.78
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