Sunday, April 22, 2018
Pedal No: 340-12412

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Throttle Linkage Kit
Wilwood Pedal Accessories

Wilwood Pedal Accessories
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The throttle bell crank assembly is part of pedal kit 340-12411 that is best suited for front engine vehicle applications. This kit can be used to convert a 340-12410 rear engine vehicle pedal kit for front engine use.   

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Product Number: 340-12412     Price: $130.43
Pedal Accessories - Product Summary
Pedal Type
Type: Material: Finish:
Pedal Accessories Aluminum / Steel Black E-coat
Pedal Description
Mount Loc: Mount Facing: Balance Bar: Mount Length (in):
Ratio / Length
Pedal 1 Ratio: Pedal 2 Ratio: Pedal 1 Length (in): Pedal 2 Length (in):
Desc 1: Desc 2:
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Pedal Dimensions

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Additional Pedal Dimensions
Mount Length (in):
Pedal 1 Length (in):
Pedal 2 Length (in):
Additional Notes: