Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Pedal No: 340-12411

Floor Mount Pedals

Brake / Clutch and Throttle Pedal-w/ Throttle Link
Wilwood Brake / Clutch and Throttle Pedal

Wilwood Brake / Clutch and Throttle Pedal
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Wilwood’s new floor mount pedal assembly has a brake / clutch / throttle triple pedal design. There are three individual fabricated steel pedals with non-slip pedal pads to control brake, clutch and throttle. Pedal assembly part number 340-12411 is for front engine cars and includes a throttle bell crank and linkage assembly. This unit features an aluminum frame with strong lightweight fabricated steel pedal arms. The frame and the pedal arms have a black e-coat finish for protection and an attractive appearance. Also included with the pedal assembly are mounting studs, clevises, and balance bar assembly that is designed to provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias. The balance bar can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments. The pedal assembly provides a 5.25 to 1 nominal ratio.  

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Product Number: 340-12411     Price: $415.44
Brake / Clutch and Throttle Pedal - Product Summary
Pedal Type
Type: Material: Finish:
Brake / Clutch and Throttle Pedal Aluminum / Steel Black E-coat
Pedal Description
Mount Loc: Mount Facing: Balance Bar: Mount Length (in):
Floor Forward Yes 11.4
Ratio / Length
Pedal 1 Ratio: Pedal 2 Ratio: Pedal 1 Length (in): Pedal 2 Length (in):
5.25 to 1 5.25 to 1 10.66 10.66
Desc 1: Desc 2:
Cautionary Info
Product Documents
Product Data Sheets
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Pedal Dimensions

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Additional Pedal Dimensions
Mount Length (in): 11.4
Pedal 1 Length (in): 10.66
Pedal 2 Length (in): 10.66
Additional Notes: