Friday, April 20, 2018
Hub No: 270-9486

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Hub - Hat Mount
Wilwood Hub - Hat Mount

Wilwood Hub - Hat Mount
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Forged Billet Hat Mount Hubs are made from premium grade alloy billets are forged into shape under high heat and pressure, then CNC machined for precise fit on each spindle application. Intended for use with used with aluminum mounting hats, this specific hub is double drilled on a 5 x 4.50" / 5 x 4 ...   Continue >>

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Product Number: 270-9486     Price: $134.93
Hub - Hat Mount - Product Summary
Material & Finish
Material: Finish: Weight:
Aluminum Bare 3.1
Rotor Compatibility
Rotor Mount Bolt Circle (in): Rotor Offset Type: Rotor Offset Dimension (in):
Mount Type & Dimensions (in)
Mount Type: Adapter Bolt Circle(s) 6-Bolt Type: 8-Bolt Type:
Hub Bolt Circles (in)
Bolt Circle 1: Bolt Circle 2: Bolt Circle 3:
5 x 4.50 5 x 4.75
Hub Stud Diameters
Stud 1: Stud 2: Stud 3:
1/2-20 1/2-20

Hub Characteristics & Notes
  • Pinto / Mustang II
  • Hub contains 3 qty 1/4-20 holes for hat retention. Use bolt kit 230-7032.

Hub Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Rods  Heavy Duty
Street Performance DomesticHeavy Duty
Road Race Heavy Duty
Drag Racing Heavy Duty
Off Road Heavy Duty
Industrial Heavy Duty

Hub Illustration & Dimensions
Hub Dimensions (in) Dimensions Diagram:
Dim. A:
Dim. M: 3.15
Dim. N: 1.63
Product Line Sheet Product Sheet Dimensions Sheet
Hub - Hat Mount Drawing

Hub - Hat Mount Drawing
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Parts & Accessories
Part Name: Part Number:
6 Bolt Adapter:
8 Bolt Adapter:
Inner Bearing: 370-0884
Inner Bearing Set - BCA#: A13
Part Name: Part Number:
Outer Bearing: 370-0882
Outer Bearing Set - BCA#: A12
Inner Hub Bearing - Race: 370-0883
Outer Hub Bearing - Race: 370-0881