Friday, April 20, 2018
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  Pad Plate:  6208       
Brake Pad Plate #6208

Brake Pad Plate #6208
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Plate Characteristics

Thickness (in): .30
Pad Area (in²): 3.65
Pad Volume (in³): 0.63
Fits Wilwood Calipers:
GP300 Motorcycle Front
GP300 Motorcycle Rear
GP300RT Motorcycle Front
GP300RT Motorcycle Rear
GP310 Motorcycle Front
GP310 Motorcycle Front
GP310 Motorcycle Rear
GP310 Motorcycle Rear
GP340 Motorcycle Front
GP340 Motorcycle Rear
   Ordering Information for Pad Plate 6208
Non-Bedded Pads - by Compounds
InfoCompoundApplicationQuantityPricePart NumberPurchase
BP-10 Street Performance / Racing Pads2 Pads $40.85 150-8733-2
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