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Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit

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Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit
   Pistons: 4    Rotor Diameter: 12.9    Caliper Mount: Radial    Min. Wheel Diameter: 17    Flange: 0    Axle Offset: 0 Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit
Dynapro Radial  Rear Drag Brake Kit

Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit
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Dynapro Radial  Rear Drag Brake Kit Parts

Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit Parts
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Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit Description

DynaPro4R Drag Race rear brake kits deliver high torque stopping power with a substantial weight savings over the OE brake components. Dynamic mount steel rotors weigh only 5.7 pounds each. They attach to the OE hubs with lightweight forged aluminum hats using our T-nut mounting system that allows the rotor to move independently of the hat during heat cycles. This eliminates stress at the mount points and the subsequent rotor distortion that can otherwise occur with fixed mount steel plate rotors. Dynamic mount rotors also assure full release from the pads to run true and drag free down the track. Parking brakes are also eliminated for additional weight savings. Clamping force is provided by radial mount DynaPro 4R four piston aluminum calipers weighing in at only 4.1 pounds each. DP4R calipers feature stainless steel pistons, internal bore seals, stainless steel bridge wear plates, and allow easy access to the pads for service without removing the calipers from the mount. BP-20 compound SmartPads provide high response and holding power when cold, and resistance to fade when hot. The complete package mounts to the OE upright and hub with full bolt-on installation. This kit is configured for drag racing only and is not recommended for street use. A minimum size 17” wheels are required along with a stainless steel braided flexline kit available separately.

This kit fits the following vehicles:
Ford Mustang 2015 Ford Mustang 2015-2018 Ford Mustang 2016-2017 Ford Mustang 2016-2018

   Ordering Information for Dynapro Radial Rear Drag Brake Kit
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Black Anodize caliper finish
Drilled  Multiple Line Kits * $1,455.94
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